I can't stand Country music and I apologize for the reference...  Anyway, this weekend we made our way to the Catalochee Ski resort in North Carolina.  I must admit I was not expecting much.  It had been raining last week and we are talking about skiing in North Carolina.

Cataloochee surprised me!  They had good snow cover (man made of course), great beinner area, lift lines were moving, and everyone I chatted with on the lifts was really nice!  I think the total vertical elvation was about 700 feet, which gave a nice run top to bottom.  Almost forgot, they also had a well groomed park, I am proud to say I hit a few rails and a couple of the jump (which is a big deal, since I am old).

All and all we had a great day out on the snow!  Looking forward to going back!
I admit it, I was addicted!  I could not say no to McDonalds fries...  That was until I saw this video... A little scary!